Thursday, July 29, 2010


Bee 1

While the house is being remodeled I'm spending most of my time in the yard, building raised bed, clearing shrubs, planting. The summer has been dry and warm for a few weeks, leaving behind that dreaded June of naysayers saying 'The sun will never come this year'. Go jump in a pile of winter.

As part of my retreat outdoors, I've added some bird feeders and some other spices and herb gardens, as well as poppies and some other flowers I have no idea what they are. All of this has attracted a huge number of bees and a growing number of song birds, a pair of doves that seem to have decided to make my yard their love nest, and a bazillion chicadees, american goldfinch and house finches; nothing too exotic but I think they're great.

As part of this daily yard life, I'm starting to try and capture a bit of their small world - I've been camping in various places for 5 - 10 minutes with camera ready, trying to get some of the small creatures I live with.

What I really want is a great image of the Heron that likes to sleep on top of my tuff-shed

Bee 2

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Monk in woods

While our house is being remodeled, we've been staying on in the back sunroom. My desk, bed, stereo, clothes are all within 5' of each other; crowding in on themselves and separating Hong and I at various times while we navigate this small and cramped room. My drives and film scanner are both packed away from the constant onslaught of drywall dust, 'normal' dust, hammer chaff and grime - the only escape I have is my classical guitar and a few images I scanned just before I had to shut down for the month.

Click for uncropped image

This particular image was taken on my first morning biking to Angkor's main entrance. We were some of the first people into the park and the bicycles were fantastic. We had pedaled through the back roads of Siem Riep, then out along the main road into the park. A slight breeze and small areas of fog were just lifting out of the jungle. Just after passing the park's entrance, I noticed this monk walking along the edge of the trees. I only had my Black and White camera handy so I snapped a few frames. Although in color this image would have been best, I don't mind the quietness that the film brings out.