Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Baguette show done

Hong and I finished hanging the images Saturday morning at Best Baguette. I was a bit hesitant to do it again during business hours but this morning was much more mellow that last evening. All in all, the 13 look good and level. I could have spaced them out a bit better across the overall dimension of the wall - they seem a bit cramped on the wall with 7. The morning crowd on Saturday at Best Baguette is mainly Vietnamese. The pastries are fresh and the crowd that was there were interested in the work. I must have touched an emotional chord with some people; many people were talking about the locations, remembering Saigon, etc. The sky line at night was of particular interest to many people. Often, Vietnamese here haven't been back for some time. I spoke with an ex special forces soldier from the central highlands who had never been back in 39 years. We spoke for a good 10 minutes - he told me he was transcribing Trinh Cong Son's music from Vietnamese to Flamenco and Latin and he used to be a school hood friend of Trinh Cong Son. Trinh Cong Son is Vietnam's Bob Dylan and someone I personally had met a few times before. We spoke about the images and before leaving he mentioned it was his dream when he retired to return to Vietnam to photograph the countryside.

I hope he does.