Friday, July 31, 2009

First Strobist Experiments

Finally got the last pieces of my strobist outfit (the SB600 needs a hot shoe adapter to allow a PC connection to the pocket wizard). I went out and photographed this bush last night

1/13 Sec at f 4.0
27mm (Nikon D70 CCD)
ISO 250

I like the tone of things - a bit more depth on the front bush would be good - but I needed to blend in the background without too much blur.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

North Vietnam Slides

I'm now going through images from Northern Vietnam looking for 'stock' imagery to add to I came across these 2 images; the first is actually from Southern Vietnam, somewhere outside of Long Hai, the second from somewhere north of Hanoi. The more I go through my images, the more I'm finding that people have made up a large part of my photographs.

I've always been fascinated with people and the variety of faces that are out there. From an early age I traveled and haven't stopped. I can recall a face after 10 years but a name will elude me after 5 minutes.

Organizing photographs / digital and film

I'm beginning to pull stock images from old film negatives and slides. Currently, I'm up to 300+ images heading towards the film scanner - a chore that I'm really not looking forward to. I try and keep the coolscan running all day when I work, switching over to change film every 5 - 10 minutes. This works fine, but for upwards of a few hundred images, this can be pain staking as well as a mental chore to keep remembering to go back and change film. At least the old darkroom days are over...

I spent some time this weekend speaking with another photographer about the changing landscape of photography - the fact that digital has made creating images much more obtainable for the general public. I think 'democratization' of photography has taken place; before only people willing to drop the $$ and time could break into the world of still photography. Although amateur's have always been present within photography, the cost of film, processing and color printing has always been a deterrent towards advancing visual complexity and technical ability wihthin traditional photographic boundaries. To put it simply - it cost way less to take 1000 images now then before, thus upping the potential to 'get better'. Pros used to be the only people that could burn through 20 - 30 rolls of slide film. Now, with a reusable storage card, some batteries and a place to preview an image, a fairly high quality print can be obtained at Target for roughly 6 bucks...