Saturday, November 21, 2009

One good thing about a mountain of negatives is on rainy days and during the winter, you can go image hunting without leaving the comfort of the office. I've been trying to get the film I have into chronological order, then by theme. While looking through page after page of negatives, I occasionally take a few and scan them. These B/W images are from 1990, 2 at a local Butcher in East Olympia and 2 along highway 101 between Eureka and ??

Friday, November 20, 2009

2500 ISO

I spent some time last night in my garden playing around with long exposure and high ISO. We're normally in the flight path of PDX and I was trying to capture a few of the planes as they came into PDX...only one came by.

I still find the grain quality in the D700 far superior to anything I've seen with my other cameras. My previous favorite, my G9, breaks down like a mental patient after about 600 ISO and the noise at low levels reminds me of our television growing up; in other words, it sucks.

Here are a couple of shots.

2500 ISO, various F/stops, 24mm

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1, 2009

Winter is almost here...


Halloween in our neighborhood has grown in popularity every year we've been here. The first year, we had a handful of kids, barely enough to be interesting and hardly enough to be annoying...that has changed. This year we had over 100 individuals with hands out knocking from 6:00 pm until we ran out of our bulk chocolate bars and mint paddies. This upswing in the our neighborhood activity can be accredited to a variety of factors, one in particular being the neighbor lady that has her own theme park in her yard depending on holiday and season.

This year, instead of just handing out candy and having some beers I decided to get something in return from all my friendly neighbors - I started getting photos of the more interesting and comical of those I had the chance of meeting.