Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elliot Smith / Heatmiser

Once again, the treasure trove of images keep giving up some good ones. I forgot all about these images until I saw the press pass sticker on the side of an old Pelican case and thought to myself, where are those images. I remember it was a great show and my friend Sung and I did a good job of covering it with both film and 16mm motion...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Photo Sale

My 'pick' of images for sale:Haiti Donation

We, like many of us here in the US, enjoy a life that most people on this planet will never experience; a life that we often take for granted. But the news of what happened in Haiti has affected almost everyone I know. We feel for the Haitians and their dire situation.
Hong and I feel an obligation to be sensitive to and supportive of anyone in need and wanted to do something to help. In addition to donating money, we toyed with ideas of what activities we could do to help, like flying to Haiti – anything. Then it occurred to us that we could also sell prints!
By selling our prints, we hope to make additional money that we can donate, along with our personal donations – which will be matched by the Nike or Adobe 2:1 matching programs. This way, we can maximize our input while actually doing something other than just write a check.
We hope that you’ll support our effort!
I chose these images quickly from a very loose assortment of the many images I have. I'm right in the middle of rebuilding my image portal, so I don't have the necessary tools to give a complete view of my portfolio - so I decided to stick with a set amount, with the caveat that if you either use the 2 sources to browse what I do have online, any of those images are available.

Here are the details.

My 'pick' of images for sale:Haiti Donation

You can also browse the un-finished: site or and browse through what is there. is just a loose assortment of some travel images over the last few years. If you want something from these sites, you'll have to take a screen shot or describe the image to me...I don't have those tagged all yet.

Example frame

Images are either 5x7 or 8x10
• print cost for either size is $20.00
• All images are printed on Archival Epson Enhanced Matte)
Frames are natural rosewood finish or black, purchased at Aaron Brothers locally
• Cost for frame is approx. $20.00
Matte is 100% acid free cotton/wood blend
• Cost at Aaron Brothers is approx. $8.00
The total cost with shipping for a framed image would be around $55.00 depending on US Postal charges for address.

You may also purchase just the archival print for $20.00 + shipping.

To order a print, just tell me what size, framed or unframed as well as the # that is in the photo description.

I will accept emails of what image you want. Also, this will end in 2 - 3 weeks because there is a 30 day deadline on funds matching. If more prints are wanted after that, I'll just donate the money without the funds matching.

The nice thing is, the $20.00 becomes $60.00 and the $55.00 becomes $165.00 as a result of the company matching programs.

You can either pay vai paypal at (the account will be active Monday or Tuesday so I'lll keep track by email) or by sending a check to:

Haiti Donation
c/o Kirk Jones
12320 SW Denfield St
Beaverton OR 97005

All matching via Adobe go to: World Food Program - there is a 30 day limit on this + $5000.00 per employee cap per year.

All matching via Nike go to: Global Giving Organization. There is a 30 day limit on this + $2000.00 per employee cap per year.
Thank you,

Kirk Jones

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Metis Game Photos

I'm photographing a game board for a local game designer I know. The game is originally a web based Flash game, but Ben decided to create an actual board game from the online version. Simple in design and concept, the game involves dice of varying 'strength', the ability to move equal to the current value of the die at any given point in time; you start with either 1 - 4, and depending on whether you jump your opponent or yourself, you give or take points. I love the concept as well as the simple yet very visually cool game board.

Dice not included...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1993 Evergreen Asia Trip

I've made a resolution to get most of my Black/White film scanned this year. I estimate that it should take me roughly 6 months at 10 images a day to get the majority of the film that I want archived scanned and burnt to DVD. What I'm finding difficult is either the condition of the original negative - if it is negative I've printed a few times, the condition is worse - but even some of the negatives I may have printed one image of are not in the best shape. The best thing is, most of the images I've never printed. I tend to keep shooting - breaking one of the cardinal sins of photography; no darkroom time. Back in the day, developing a roll of film was at least an hour unless you had access to a dedicated lab, but that usually only helped for Color as most labs need to keep the B/W chemicals much fresher / there were less automated B/W machines out there. The silver lining in my cloud of laziness with printing is that many of the images I'm scanning 17 years later I've never seen in detail, only in a contact sheet. I forget that each click of the shutter during this trip of a frame of film that needed to be preserved, carried, protected from the elements, etc...Now I'm reaping some of the benefit of both keeping a protective lid on all these images for so long, as well as my obvious dedication to preserving the film in an archival manner.

This image in particular sums up what I've been finding during the first few days of scanning. The images I didn't print are some of my better ones so far. This monkey in particular is interesting because a similar print of it in a more austere pose was the image I've printed before - this image I never gave a second look but in many ways is more powerful and interesting the one I previously had enjoyed.