Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haiti Photos, in the mail

I'm happy to say that I finished framing and packing the 14 photographs that I sold and tomorrow will be sending them to everyone / delivering anything to people in Portland.

I really want to thank Harry Brown for giving me the idea and the courage to put my stuff out. Also, everyone that commented on the images and gave me positive feedback and support.

Final Prints

In particular, I'd like to thank:

Abbas Mottaghi
Heather Griffis
Josephine Chun-Wood
Mollie Jones
Madeleine Go
Colleen Alspaugh
Brent Garlow
Pat Rockwell
Vincent Vallejo
Chris Richards
Geoff Dorn

With their support, as well as Adobe's matching, I was able to donate $2500.00 to the World Food Bank.


Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones Info

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

how change gets lost

how change gets lost
shaking out your travel pants
in a hotel

a quarter

found by the cleaning staff
something that says i was here
worth a quarter

Thursday, February 4, 2010

France Germany 2009

I finally got around to archiving the photos from our trip to Europe. I forgot that I put the images up and didn't link them to any where. This trip was more of a vacation / seeing friends, but it was great all the same. For me, Paris was a huge city - a bit on the rough side but vaguely intriguing at the same time. Berlin was the complete opposite and a welcome contrast.

The images are best view on a large monitor.