Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indian Wells - 2010

Hong and I spent a nice 1/2 week down in the Coachella Valley -

Was of course hot ass hell but great fun. I'm not sure about the overall Palm Springs area - like a Vegas version of living in the Desert. We went for the tennis and regardless of the rest of the area, the Indian Wells tennis facility is amazing. It is simple, functional and a great deal for this quality of tennis and the amount you can see during week 1.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Matt Gross

Once again, Matt Gross. Matt is a great writer and feature finder for the NY Times 'Frugal Backpacker' column as well as stellar father and parent in panic mode. He always seems to find an unusual angle or partially controversial tone and theme to his work and is often one of the more heavily commented writers online.

We met with some of Matt's friends in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood for some wine at a place that had a kid friendly happy hour. It was great to enjoy a glass of great wine and be surrounded with not only peers, but children having a healthy experience with an inevitable fact of life - drinks and bars.


1930's? MG. New Dehli, 1992.

It was 110 degrees so the alleys and streets were practically empty during the day. Everything is concrete and metal, so the heat would rise up from the ground giving the impression of walking on a hot tin can. Dogs slept. It was great for photographing, because the normally restrictive crowds of kids and gawkers were now lazily watching me photograph without interfering.