Sunday, April 24, 2011

Asian Reporter Banquet

Been quite some time since I did a banquet/awards type of job. With 3 photographers, it was nice to be able to just roam and shoot what I thought was interesting. Every year the Asian Reporter hosts a banquet to honor both scholarship winners within the Asian community, but also honor elders in the community that had some exceptional story or community aspect to their lives. Incredible what people can endure and then what they become. Hard to imagine some of these folks were born well before most American's even knew where Indonesia or the Philippines were.

Asian Reporter Banquet

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Melvins at Midnight

Thanks to Steve Davis at Evergreen, I was able to swing by and scan Melvins images. I did these while Steve's intern at Evergreen. I've been trying to reel in all the film I can think of around the place as part of the EVER AND ONGOING NIGHTMARE OF ARCHIVING THIS SHIT.

Check it out:


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Epson 3880 Printer - Printing Services

I recently invested in an Epson 3880 ink jet printer. For the last few years, I would normally print anything here in town, but after producing the last 3 shows I've done the cost to print was getting astronomical. Now that I have this piece of equipment, I'm going to be offering my printing services to other photographers and artists needed museum quality prints done by myself. Without much of the overhead that a traditional digital repro house would have I can offer these prints at roughly 50% of the cost of printing them.

A little background on my printing 'chops':

Started processing and printing B/W in 9th grade
Purchased 1st darkroom kit in 1984
Color and C print training at Evergreen State College
Worked professionally as an expert printer, The Film Lab, Portland Oregon. During this, I assisted in printing 24x36" B/W fiber prints for the University of Texas' retrospective of David Hume Kennelry's work
3 years commercial print production and color matching / print ripping
Years of general graphics and photography experience

I've set up an email address for information.