Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Developing into it

I've been using the Gigapan tripod head a ton recently. I love it for the high resolution images I can capture, then convert to TIF. It does a fairly good job of creating flattened centers without considerable distortion on the edges. It is also built like a brick - and heavy as one. I wonder what oddity of design and engineering could make a similar head, but much smaller and still maintain the strength.

These are various samples of images I'm working on for a project around Washington County Oregon. I'm very interested in the development that is taking place around the area. The Urban Growth Boundary that exists here in the greater Portland (and has since the 1970's)area allows for wonderful green spaces, open spaces and pristine farm country all within biking distance. I do believe this is a sample of how to integrate with the natural surroundings.