Saturday, September 17, 2011

Benefit for Brad

I'm trying to raise money for a friend's family. He is in the ICU at OHSU and is fighting. I'm asking $50.00 dollars for a 21" x 6 1/4" gallery quality matte print (190gsm). I'll also be doing a limited # of 48" wide prints for special order - these are $150.00. All money will go to Brad's family.

Friends. If we are lucky, we have at least 1 good friend, if we're rich - we have many.

Hong and I spent almost 3 hours today with our friend Brad Eakman. It was strange to have a conversation with him that didn't take place on a tennis court, at our house, over a beer; anywhere but in a hospital ICU unit. 3 weeks ago Brad suffered a major series of heart attacks and heart failure and is still fighting an uphill battle for himself and his family. Brad is and always will be the guy that was always available at the last minute to play - would show up to watch when you were playing and to cheer you on. The first to text you to ask how it was going if he knew there was something challenging going on.

I took this photograph with Hong and a couple of good friends 2 weekends ago. I spent so much of that weekend thinking of Brad I think this is a perfect image for him. There is such an incredible deep beauty and timelessness to the whole area. Whole areas are reclaiming the land and forest are growing again.

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